350W Waterproof Beam Moving Light

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Input voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Light source power: 350W
Machine power: 500W
Theoretical life of light source over 1500 hours
Light bulb color temperature: 7800K
Focusing: Linear electric focusing
Dimming: dimming smooth and no flicker
Strobe: adjustable from 0.5 to 20 times per second
Color wheel: 14 colors + white light (half color effect)
Prism: 24+16+8 honeycomb prism, 8 prisms
(double prisms can be superimposed, can rotate
independently in both directions)
Seven color films: 6 colors (can do color effects)
Atomization: 1 independent atomization effect,
soft and natural spots
Beam angle: 2°
Beam diameter: 170mm
Fixed pattern plate: 17 fixed pattern pieces + white light
Control mode: DMX 512, voice control, self-propelled,
Rotation angle: 540 degrees on the X axis and
275 degrees on the Y axis can automatically
correct the positioning
Channel: standard 16 channels
Luminaire material: high-strength PA66 has high
temperature resistance, anti-aging and wear resistance,
light and anti-fall characteristics
Protection level: IP55
Lamp body size: 395*320*670mm 25kg
Carton size: 725*465*500mm 28kg
Air box: 500*435*825mm 44kg 1pcs

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