380W BSW Moving Head Light

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Input voltage: AC110V-240V/50-60Hz
Light source specification: OSRAM / optional
Light source power: 380W
Rated power: 530W
Channel mode: 19 channels
Horizontal scanning: 540° (16bit precision scanning)
electronic error correction
Vertical scanning: 270° (16bit precision scanning)
electronic error correction
Average life: 1500H (bulb and reflector complete package,
longer luminous efficiency and longer service life)
Number of motors: a total of 15 silent motors, XY three-
phase motors
Dimming system: 0-100% linear adjustment
Focusing system: linear adjustment
Beam angle: 0-4°
Color temperature correction: 3200k-7500k
High-speed strobe: 5-13 times / sec Support mechanical
effect, adjustable speed strobe effect, strobe macro function
Fixed color: white light + 11 colors
Static pattern: 6 white lights + 9 patterns
Dynamic pattern: white light + aperture + 3 arc motion pattern
Rotating pattern: white light + 7 glass patterns
Prism system: 8 prisms, 24 prisms (double prisms can be
stacked 32, can rotate independently in both directions)
Display mode: LCD display
Control signal: international standard DMX512
Cooling method: using axial fan to enhance ventilation cooling
Safety device: with electronic temperature control overheat
protection, electronic temperature control automatic power
failure protection when overheating system failure
Appearance material: high temperature resistant plastic
Working environment: -20℃~ 40℃
Protection level: IP20
Product net weight: 21kg
Product size: 395mm*293mm*700mm (L*W*H)

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