470W Waterproof Moving Head Beam Light

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Voltage: AC90~240V, 50/60Hz
Rated power: 600W
Light source: 470W original OSRAM platinum bulb (7600K)
Luminous flux: 660000lumen@10m
Beam angle: 0~1.2°
Color rendering index: 85±5
Power factor: ≥0.95
Focus: linear focus
Prism: 1 8 prism, the prism can be rotated in both directions
at a variable speed (3 prisms, 16 prisms are optional)
Atomization: Atomization function can achieve soft light effect
Dimming: 0~100% mechanical dimming, smooth and no flicker
Stroboscopic: independent strobe with dual motors,
0.5-20 times/sec, adjustable speed
Projection distance: parallel light effect up to 1-3 kilometers
Horizontal/Vertical: Using high-precision three-phase
motor, accurate positioning, smooth operation,
automatic positioning correction
Scanning angle: horizontal 540°, vertical 270°,
resolution 8/16Bit, with fine-tuning function
Color system: 1 color wheel: Taiwan high color temperature
color film, 11 colors + white light, two-way variable speed
half color and rainbow effect
1 seven-color plate: equipped with Taiwanese seven-color
film, can project 1 or 8 beams of colorful effects
Pattern: 1 fixed pattern plate, 14 patterns + white light,
pattern jitter, two-way variable speed water effect
Control mode: DMX512, RDM function (the large controller
can be used to control the remote setting address code),
self-propelled, voice control, master-slave and manual
DMX channel: 14/18 channel
Protection level: Ip65

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