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Quartz is the latest member of the Titan family. The compact size
and 14.1-inch highlight capacitive touchscreen are the smallest
full-featured consoles in the TITAN family. The whole machine is
42.5cm wide. Whether it is lighting programming, tour
performances, festival celebrations, bar nightclubs, Quartz is
the ideal choice. Inheriting the outstanding features of all Titan
systems, Quartz allows you to do real-time, casual
Full support for Titan V10 multi-user programming features, of
course, Quartz is also an ideal backup console that can be used
as a backup to the Titan system consoles used.
Technical parameters: Intel 3855CPU Kingston 64G SSD
Kingston 4G running memory, built-in 4 DMX output ports, 2048
channels;Supports Art-net network output and can be
expanded to 12 Universe DMX outputs via the network;
Supports Titan-net protocol, scalable to 64 Universe DMX
outputs10 mechanical page playback faders; 20 custom macro
function buttons
Extendable with one Titan wing (Replay Slave, 20 Playback
Faders, 30 Custom Macros, USB Powered)
Support headphone output (Headphone)
1 Gigabit network interface, support Art-net, Titan-net,
Streaming CAN protocol
Compatible with other TITAN system console performance files

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